IMS is ISO 9001:2015 and implements the highest standard of quality management system and design. The principals implemented are the frame work used by the management to improve performance and perpetuate excellence.

IMS is 100% customer focused to understand the current and future needs and strive to exceed the expectations. We continuously revive and update our policies to improve customer loyalty, research, understand and communicate needs and expectations. Also systematically manage relationship and evaluate satisfaction and act upon the results.

We have a leadership oriented approach all the activities are evaluated, aligned and implemented in a unified way. Chances of miscommunication are minimized. All the resources for periodic training are available and our staffs have the freedom to act with responsibility and accountability. Also we ensure their complete involvement and provide a platform to seek opportunities to enhance their competence, knowledge and experience thus evaluating their performance against their personal goals and objectives.

IMS strictly adheres to process approach principals and has established clear responsibilities and accountability for managing key activities beginning from procuring to delivering to our customers. Hence the products have shortest stay in our warehouse. We are continuously improvising our system through measurements and evaluations.

IMS encourage and recognizes suppliers’ mutual beneficial relationship to create great values for both the parties. Share expertise and resources to balance short term goals with long term considerations. Also pools expertise and resources to set-up joint development and improvement activities.